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Iranian Sailors Are Rescued By The US Military

Iranian Sailors Rescued By US Military

Pictures being released showing Iranian sailors rescued by US military personnel reveal the true compassion and appreciate spirit that can be found in humans, but seems to be lacking at political levels. At a time when tensions between America and Iran seems to be at a breaking point, pictures of appreciative Iranians sailors and helpful American Coast Guard personnel shaking hands and smiling with one another are being shown worldwide.

The rescue of Iranians sailors took place at approximately 3 a.m. by an American Coast Guard patrol vessel in the Persian Gulf’s northern area. The Coast Guard was being hailed by flares from an Iranian cargo vessel that was taking on water, and a total of six sailors were rescued from the sinking cargo ship.

Last week, an American Navy ship also rescued over a dozen Iranian sailors being held by pirates for weeks in the Arabian Sea. The Navy’s boarding party was whole heatedly embraced by the rescued Iranians, but Iranian officials have barely acknowledged the event, let alone thanked the United States for rescuing their citizens.

The lukewarm response from the Iranian government is indicative of a reluctant willingness to show appreciation for assisting their countrymen, probably for fear of appearing weak at a time when much international political saber rattling is taking place. It’s a shame when on a personal level humans come together during crisis, but during international crisis politicians seem to force people apart.

A statement released by the U.S. Navy claims the Iranian sailors rescued by US military personnel had thanked the American captain and crew for rescuing them. The captain of the Iranian coast guard vessel that picked up the rescued sailors also thanked the Americans for rescuing the sailors, and for cooperating with transferring them safely into their care.

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