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   1.  Health Care Law Recasts Insurers as Obama Allies
   2.  Amid Consolidation in Insurance Industry, Aquiline Invests in Beach & Associates - Mergers & Acquisitions
   3.  State Pushes Insurance Companies To Cover Mental Health Treatments
   4.  Hurricane Sandy Judge in New York Blows Whistle on Insurance Industry Fraud
   5.  Insurance Industry Veteran joins Renaissance Dental in Georgia
   6.  How the Health Insurance Industry Defeated California's Prop 45
   7.  GOP Control May Help Insurance Industry Aims
   8.  Insurance industry warns on companies' terrorist cover
   9.  Insurance Industry Sleeps Through Climate Alarm Calls
   10.  Week of Giving 2014: Insurance industry gives back
   11.  Study faults insurance industry's response to climate change
   12.  Climate report gets insurance industry heated
   13.  Climate Change Is Kicking the Insurance Industry's Butt
   14.  Insurance Industry Shows 'Profound Lack Of Preparedness' For Climate Risks
   15.  'Fangate' Stirs Florida Insurance Industry Fears Over Gubernatorial Election
   16.  'Fangateā€ Stirs Florida Insurance Industry Fears Over Gubernatorial Election
   17.  Uber warning issued by Canada's insurance industry
   18.  Insurance companies flooded with claims after cyclone
   19.  The Evolving Cyberrisk Landscape and the Insurance Industry
   20.  Does the Insurance Industry Redline?
   21.  Why Are Health Insurance Companies More Untouchable Than For-Profit ...
   22.  'Unacceptable level of failure': ASIC report damns life insurance industry
   23.  Florida's Insurance Industry a Big Contributor to State Economy
   24.  Wednesday's Insurance Day event will aid students in the insurance industry
   25.  Obamacare's Illegal Insurance Company Bailout
   26.  Are life settlements bad for insurance companies?
   27.  Marijuana Insurance Industry: How High Can It Go?
   28.  Study suggests insurance industry could lower fees for regular health-club users
   29.  Insurance industry grows in Kentucky
   30.  5 Ways Big Data Impacts the Insurance Industry
   31.  Car insurance industry faces shakeup over price comparison websites
   32.  General insurance industry 1H growth at 6.4%
   33.  5 Local Marketing Lessons I Learned From The Insurance Industry
   34.  Life insurance industry next to feel ASIC blowtorch
   35.  MOVES-Moore Stephens names Omar Ripon insurance industry group partner
   36.  House to Vote on Insurance-Industry Change to Dodd-Frank
   37.  Meet The Small Business Hoping To Shake Up America's Insurance Industry
   38.  How the insurance industry is being disrupted
   39.  Do Self-Driving Cars Spell Doom for Auto Insurers?
   40.  Six insurance companies honoured
   41.  Pacific Prime Announced as Finalist for the Asia Insurance Industry Awards
   42.  'Insurance industry doesn't measure up' to others
   43.  Pickup tailgate theft is on the rise, insurance industry says
   44.  Insurance industry pushes for changes
   45.  Closer Look At 2Q Reveals Humdrum Insurance Industry Performance
   46.  Global insurance industry covers bn losses from natural disasters this year
   47.  Meadows says Obamacare threatens insurance industry - Asheville Citizen
   48.  CO Insurance Industry: Immigrant Licenses Create Safer Roads
   49.  Insurance industry regulator blacklists 22 companies
   50.  New program addresses insurance industry demand

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