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Looking For A Job? Ohio Insurance Companies Looking To Hire

The state of Ohio estimates the insurance industry will need 17,000 people to fill jobs that will soon be vacated by retirees.

Employers are in desperate need for people looking for either a first or second career.

The Ohio Department of Insurance is teaming up with colleges across Ohio to offer degrees in all kinds of fields in the insurance industry.

Melissa McCormick says she loves selling insurance.

“It’s very stable. It pays well, surprisingly,” said McCormick.

But McCormick says she needed to advance in her company and couldn't without a degree in insurance. So, she enrolled in Franklin University's new risk management program.

“I came to Franklin just to get a degree in business, and when I spoke to my advisor and when she said there's a new program here, I jumped,” added McCormick.

The program is run by Martina Peng. She says while insurance may not be the “sexiest” of jobs, it's a profession that more people are turning to because agents are in high demand.

“They need marketing people, they need insurance, they need IT people, but it's really more than selling insurance,” explained Peng.

Columbus is home to some of the largest insurance companies in the state and the country. But many of their employees are reaching retirement age.

The industry turned to the state to help it find people to take their place.

There are 26,000 jobs in the industry in Central Ohio, and over the course of the next couple of years with baby boomers retirements across the state of Ohio, officials expect to have 17,000 job openings.

The state is focusing on veterans, because of their leadership abilities, and ethics.

“We’re focusing specifically on veterans, because we believe veterans have the unique skills to transition right into the insurance industry,” said Peng.

Melissa McCormick, who plans to use her insurance degree to someday become an underwriter, believes Franklin University's insurance program is the best way for her to have a solid financial future.

Franklin University isn't the only place where someone can earn a degree in insurance.

Kent State, University of Cincinnati, and Columbus State offer courses as well.

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