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Occupy Cleveland protesters talk about violence and damage in other cities

CLEVELAND - Occupy protesters are back in the national spotlight after a weekend of violent clashes. And some people are being told to move out or risk arrest.

Like many of the occupy groups around the country, the Occupy Cleveland group is frustrated after a violent weekend for both protesters and police. 

A march In New York's East Village Sunday night ended in arrests. There was also a march in Chicago. Protesters in those cities walked in support of Occupy Oakland protesters.

On Saturday, about 400 people were arrested in Oakland after police say some broke into city hall and caused damage. Police used tear gas and bean bag bullets after they say protesters started destroying a vacant construction site and throwing rocks at officers. This came despite many protesters claims of being peaceful. 

In Washington D.C., the park service told protesters there they had until noon today to move saying they can't camp overnight where they had been a few blocks from the White House.

The Occupy Cleveland group at Public Square said they've been targeted too.

"There was one cop that actually stopped by and said I want to make sure you're not raping women in there,” said Jonnie Peskar of Occupy Cleveland. “That's what he said to me. I just couldn't believe that he just harasses us. It's the same cop that comes and harasses us all the time."

Peskar said he thinks the arrests and violence does prevent people from coming out to support their cause though he said the online Occupy movement is growing.

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