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Is it Time for Cleveland to Get Over Its Disdain for LeBron James …

As the Miami Heat compete against the Oklahoma City Thunder, many NBA fans in Cleveland, Ohio have become die-hard Thunder supporters for one primary reason--to root against LeBron James.

Two seasons past "The Decision" which occurred that fateful summer evening in July of 2010, James is again on a quest for that elusive NBA Championship while some consider him up there with Art Modell as public enemy No. 1.

Regardless of whether Miami wins or loses, isn't it time to move on from the utter disdain whenever the phrase "King James" is uttered around Cleveland? No one is asking for forgiveness, but perhaps it is time to move on.

"At some point, Cleveland needs to let it go. What LeBron did was disrespectful to the city, but he's also human. People make foolish mistakes when money is involved. That's just how it is. Cleveland fans are better suited to show some class and move on. Brighter days are ahead for the Cavs, and there's no reason to look back now." States Derek Ciapala, a Cavaliers' fan from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Derek brings up a strong point. Brighter days are ahead for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Without James "taking his talents to South Beach," Cleveland would never have the likes of Kyrie Irving and whoever is drafted on June 28 to build the team around.

"Move on? I won't allow my second graders say his name in my classroom. Guess I'm still bitter. I tell my students that He didn't keep his promise and then quit to play somewhere else. If you make a promise, you keep it. Honesty and integrity are important. I will never forget what He did to the heart of this city. My life does not revolve around him, but I do rejoice whenever he fails." Declares Lisa Swet, a teacher from Cleveland, Ohio

Lisa is obviously still deeply upset and takes her Cleveland sports to heart. She epitomizes the passion that makes up the Cleveland fan base. James not only broke his promise but also broke the heart of the city that loved and supported him.

"I don't understand why they are so angry with him. Seems childish to me. People have to do what they feel is best for themselves and their careers. Besides, a team that depends on only one person is not a good team anyway." States Deborah Aldridge who chimed in from Gainesville Florida.

If you step outside the Cleveland fan "bubble" it is easy to see Deborah's point. Certainly players have left for more money or a greater chance to win, but many Clevelanders will argue it was not the fact he left, but how he chose to do it.

"The attitudes of the Cleveland "fans" have almost pushed me to pull for LeBron James just so these "fans" can suffer from their own stupidity. I can name you bright sides from every team in this city. Why aren't we focused on that?" adds Matt Olschlager from Cleveland, Ohio in a long emotion filled rant sent to my inbox.

Then you have Cleveland fans like Matt. Matt is sick and tired of the constant complaining still coming from fans and Cleveland talk radio. Is Cleveland a sports city that is only happy when it is miserable, or can it climb out of its funk and begin to celebrate the great things as Matt states?

Lebron likely does not think twice about Cleveland most days, perhaps it is time we do the same.

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